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must be approved by The Venue @ Central Avenue before time of set-up. Any décor that is placed either inside or outside the building is to be removed and properly disposed of by the close of the event. Renter is prohibited from using tacks, nails, pushpins or any other form of penetration into the walls. All material is to be removed before the close of the event. No confetti, glitter, or fireworks are permitted. Candles must have a base – any candle damage to linens or property will be billed to the renter.

Alcoholic Beverages

may not be sold on the premises unless appropriate permits, both local and state, are obtained. Should you be providing and serving alcohol at no charge to your guests then no permit is required. That the Renter has the absolute responsibility to ensure that no one drives after consuming levels of alcohol that would present as being over legal limits to drive. Further, The Venue @ Central Avenue has no responsibility whatsoever regarding persons drinking and driving who have attended an event.


must be received in writing 60 days before scheduled event. Refunds are at the discretion of the management of The Venue @ Central Avenue. The Deposit is considered non-refundable but is transferable at the discretion of management.

Tables and Chairs

will be provided at no additional costs. Renter will be responsible for any damages.

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